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Author Topic: Three Unusual Ways to Make use of your Kitchen Mixer-Blender  (Read 13 times)


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Three Unusual Ways to Make use of your Kitchen Mixer-Blender
« on: October 09, 2018, 08:26:01 AM »
When you have a mixer blender (or maybe a blender and a mixer, separately), you might not understand all of the methods you are able to make use of it.

As I am describing these sneaky kitchen area tricks, I am talking about the mixer-blender I use. That is the Blendtec Mix n' Blend. It is the most crucial counter top appliance in the kitchen of mine.

Nevertheless, in case you've a blender - from a fifteen dolars unique you discovered at a transaction, to a Vitamix or Bosch - as well as any kind of mixer, like a Kitchen Aid mixer, these suggestions are able to work just too.

Listed here are the 3 unusual uses for your home mixer-blender:


A large amount of people today haul out a huge pot or bowl and attempt to hand-stir the materials into the meatloaf of theirs.

Since an automobile crash a several years ago, the arms of mine and shoulders are not that powerful. Thus, I toss the ground beef, the eggs, the bread crumbs, the Worcestershire marinade, the tomato paste, together with the seasonings within the bowl of my Blendtec mixer. Next, I use the dough kneading attachment to mix it completely.

My meatloaf dishes are legendary. Individuals do not realize why my meatloaf turns out and so differently from theirs. The simple solution is, mine is completely mixed. Consistency can make all of the difference!

Pecan or pumpkin Pie

I work with the mixer of mine for pumpkin pies plus pecan pies. The pies of mine often attract raves from family and friends.

Nevertheless, I've another great pie recipe. It is a combination pumpkin as well as pecan pie. I begin with a prepared pie crust and then spread the pecan pie combination throughout it. The combination is cut pecans, murky high sugar, plus perhaps a drizzle of honey.

Over that here, I put the pumpkin pie filling. It is mostly the prepared, mashed pumpkin with a couple of eggs, some cream, seasonings and sugar. Next, I bake it.

The key is definitely the mixer. The majority of people blend pie ingredients by hand, within a bowl. That is okay, though it will not change your pecan pie right into a gourmet delight.

I consider the pecan pie compounds, as well as blend them using the whisk type connection for my Blendtec mixer. When that is thoroughly mixed, the completed pie tastes better. Presently there are no extra dry bites with just pecan pieces, and absolutely no oh-my-goodness bites with a lot of cinnamon or perhaps cloves.

Next, I wash the bowl (it does not have to be pristine for the following step) and whip in concert the pumpkin pie compounds. I have a quickly setting - around four on my Blendtec Mix n' Blend - for aproximatelly twenty seconds, until the combination is fluffy and light.

That is what I pour (or spoon) above the pecan pie ingredients, prior to I bake the pie within the oven.

When I provide this at Thanksgiving or maybe Christmas, I top it with abundant vanilla ice cream. My guests rave about this particular dessert.


My family stays away from artificial ingredients and complicated sweeteners. Nevertheless, almost as store-bought eggnog is loved by us, it is nearly impossible to locate "real" eggnog without all those complex sweeteners... and several artificial preservatives and flavors.

Real eggnog is ridiculously simple to make. It is a blend of whole eggs, any sweetener, and milk. That is the entire healthy recipe, right there.

For nutritious eggnog, you are able to make use of honey. If not, sugar is effective. For something which tastes the same to the not-so-healthy store bought eggnogs, pick confectioners (powdered) glucose. Add a dash of nutmeg and vanilla, plus you are all set.

You are able to actually include additional ingredients to complement the gourmet eggnogs in the shop. A little prepared (or directly from the is able to) mashed pumpkin as well as pumpkin pie spice could add richness.

Or perhaps, extra vanilla plus some heavy cream can give that "French vanilla" taste. Add a little cream and a number of drops of peppermint taste for a "candy cane" eggnog.

You will notice I did not provide an actual recipe. That is since you do not need one. Nearly every blend of these ingredients can make an excellent eggnog. After you have mixed it up in the mixer of yours (like a Blendtec or maybe Kitchen Aid blender), sample it and also change the ingredients to suit the family of yours.

Nevertheless, people often ask me about the security of raw eggs. Assuming you have watched Tv cooks like Martha Stewart make eggnog, you might have seen them make use of raw eggs, also.

Because we utilize eggs that are organic that we purchase from a neighborhood farmer we believe in, we seldom cook our eggnog. It has always been good. That is a threat we consider, but for food security reasons, we cannot suggest it to others.

Particularly in case you are using store bought eggs, start with new, refrigerated quality A or maybe AA eggs. Be certain the shells are clean and intact, and do not have even a hint of any crack in them. Many people clean the eggs - prior to cracking them - with anti bacterial dish soap, and then rinse them completely. And then, be very certain the whites of eggs and yolks have little exposure to the shells, and wash your hands well, subsequent to cracking them. In general, the salmonella is on the exterior of the layer, not within the egg itself, unless you break it.

For added care, it is wise to heat your eggnog inside a saucepan. You will warm it practically to boiling, but less than. The candy thermometer must reach 160 degrees, and also you will have to mix the eggnog steadily or maybe the eggs are going to coagulate. (If they actually do, do not care. I will explain that, below.)

Here is a suggestion in case you love bourbon or rum in your eggnog: In case you include the liquor before the eggnog is heated by you, the alcohol might evaporate because of the high temperatures. Which will keep the taste of the liquor, although missing alcohol usually means the eggnog is safer for kids. On the flip side, in case you are helping your eggnog as an alcoholic drink, add the liquor before the eggnog is served by you.

After you have heated the eggnog, allow it to cool. If it really is come to be lumpy - which generally has - you will utilize your Blendtec blender (or maybe all kitchens blender) to whirl it sleek once again. Steadily boost the blender speed until you are close to the fastest setting. That is what breaks up the pieces of egg.
If lumps remain, put the eggnog by way of a a cooking area sieve, colander or strainer. Press the lumps by means of, using a spoon. (Plastic or wooden spoons work best.)

Next, refrigerate the eggnog up until it is cooled and refreshing. If you have used raw eggs, you will have to serve it within a couple of hours. If you have cooked your eggnog, it'll generally stay fresh for two or maybe three days. (It will not last that long. Everyone likes homemade eggnog, and it is healthy enough to perform as a substitute to "instant breakfast" products.)

When I work eggnog to guests, nearly all of them cannot tell it is homemade. They are certain I bought some terrific gourmet eggnog.

Yet another tip: If you are generating "cream of something" soup coming from nothing which turns out lumpy, make use of the blender of yours to whirl it to an even consistency. You might love it a lot better than overpriced canned sauces you used to purchase.

So, and now you know three unusual methods to use your mixer-blender. In the kitchen of mine, I am going with a Blendtec Mix n' Blend. It is an appliance I have used happily for over fifteen years, and when this wears out, I will purchase another one.

After you have tried out these 3 uncommon methods to utilize your mixer blender, I am certain you will see various other routine kitchen chores you are able to make easier with a mixer blender, too.


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