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Author Topic: WHAT IS TRYPOPHOBIA? IS IT A REAL PHOBIA?  (Read 20 times)


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« on: October 25, 2018, 11:55:48 AM »
TRYPOPHOBIA: Sometimes human fears get really bizarre forms. An example of this unusual fear is tryphophobia. Of course, trypophobia is much more than common fear.

The word phobia itself means that this fear is uncontrollable, very intense and actually destroys the life of man, from the phobia of the sufferer.

In medicine, it’s still debating whether the phobia is completely called a disease? Such a discussion has not passed this situation.

However, people’s reaction to hole phobia is in favor of the fact that there are signs of a phobic disorder. This is more detailed below.

The term was first introduced to medical practice in 2004. trypophobia is a fear of  so-called clusters of holes (fear of small holes on the body, other objects).

Cluster openings are small repeating holes on a small surface. The most common things for a man, such as a sponge or a coral, cause the real horror of trypophobia.

Study of this fear, such as fear of holes by University Of Essex. Researcher Jeff Cole and Arnold Wilkins gave special attention to the reasons for this reaction.

In his article, he focused on the fact that terror response gives bear so many signs of real fear as a strong disgust.

The condition of the phobia is characterized by the most influential changes in the ordinary way of life, so it is quite natural that a person suffering from such fears wants to find their cause and remove it.
There is no unanimous opinion of the reasons for this, and many researchers question the existence of such a phobia of holes.

A similar conclusion led the scientific literature to a simple trypophobia test in which objects were displayed on photographs of colorful poisonous animals, especially the color of a blue circle of octopus, interleaved by photos of ordinary trypophobia cure.

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